A Student

A student wants to be taught ofcourse, but it isnt the only thing he wants. He wants guidance, he wants care and tenderness, he wants to be handled with intellect. He wants to be councelled in his career and his ambition.

A student is a unique specie in the sense that his objective is universally same but the approach and environ is different. A student whereever he is, is a student because he wants his betterment and the goal is to achieve sublime success in life. The thing which drives him is the primtive human instinct to appear unique and prominent.

Certainly, a person remain a student throughout his life, but I am talking about a student, who pursue his education in some form or another from a mentor or guide. He who gets a passionate and sincere mentor is the lucky one. I believe that a nation’s success in the world depends upon its quality of students, which in return totally depends upon the kind of mentoring a student is receiving.

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