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education decay in Pakistan

Decay of the Educational System

The wave of changing face of education swamped us, globally, around the oncoming of the new millennium. Prior to that, education still had value. Education was taught for the sake of educating minds. Opening the minds to knowledge and critical thinking. But, around the 2000s, education became just another money-churning business. An endlessly profitable business […]

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Vocabulary Development and the Cyber Age

The stale, musty-sweet smell of the pages of my tattered Oxford Learner’s Dictionary fills up my memories of not so long ago whenever I used to embark on the quest of finding and exploring new words; learning about its etymology; wondering how would I use it in a sentence; feeling a joyous, chest-swelling thrill whenever […]

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cambridge international examinations

CIE papers leaked in Pakistan?

Social media is exploding with reports, and screenshots, of CIE O/A levels papers allegedly leaked at various examination centers across Pakistan. It is not for the first time that integrity of IGSCE, O/A level exams in Pakistan has been questioned. In 2013, Pakistan Studies and Islamiat papers were allegedly leaked and candidates had to do […]

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education in pakistan

Decline In Academic Credentials Due To Negligence In Parental Responsibility

Parents should know what is being taught to their children in school, make sure the classwork is complete, should check homework, and be a little strict with their children as a child’s study pattern is formed at home. Parents should make sure that children learn what is being taught in school on the same day. […]

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urdu ustad app

Urdu Ustad: Interactive app makes learning Urdu alphabets fun for kids!

Pardesi Media based out of United States has released a free interactive app “Urdu Ustad” that introduces kids to Urdu alphabets and words. The original audiences of the app were families who immigrated to non-Urdu speaking countries, and needed ways for their kids to stay connected to their culture and language. Recently majority of downloads […]

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AC slapping Matric student for cheating

Assistant Commissioner slapping a Matric student for cheating in SSC Exams

As the SSC examinations are happening in Sindh, so are the reports of cheating and use of unfair means by students are coming out. @JaagAlerts shared an image where an Assistant Commissioner is slapping a Matric student for alleged cheating. According to the tweet, the student was slapped so hard that his spectacles fall down. […]

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overseas pakistanis vote elections 2013

Can Overseas Pakistanis vote in Elections 2013?

Can Overseas Pakistanis vote in Elections 2013? While the Supreme Court of Pakistan is urging for it, and NADRA claims they have the system in place for it, the Election Commission of Pakistan is reluctant to allow overseas Pakistanis the right of vote in upcoming elections. According to a statement by Foreign Office, seven countries […]

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How To Stop Brain Drain and Improve Education System of Pakistan

There remains no doubt in the fact that the political and economic future of Pakistan lies with the current youth. But is our government doing anything productive to ensure that the youth commits itself to the future of Pakistan? When it comes to the elite, the masses have always played the blame game, complaining that […]

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11 Year Old Sitara Akbar Creates World Record After Passing O-Levels

Sitara Akbar of Chiniot, Punjab, created a world record after managing to pass O-level English, Mathematics, and Science at the age of 11. This isn’t the first time she has done this. She created a world record after passing O-level Biology at the age of 10, and a record in Pakistan after passing O-level Chemistry […]

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Chinese Language

Chinese language in Schools of Sindh from 2013

In Pakistan educational system has always been under criticism as it needs a lot of improvement as far as the curriculum and standard of education in government schools are concerned. It is a major divide that every province has different curriculum and many regional languages. Students had to learn three major languages as a compulsory […]

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