A compendium of Life

compendium of Life

Joy, Truth and Love; the grandest expresssions of humankind and also the most desired and cherished faculties. But why do we seek them or practise them, the reason must lie deeper somewhere in the purpose of Life itself. Here is a small effort to look at Life.

We are living our Truths in different manifestations. Life is journey of remembrance and creation. First, we re-member our Truth, that is Oneness of our true beings. We are all parts of the same entity that manifests Itself in different forms to experience Itself. When we remember who we really are.. we reach a point when we start to create ourselves again with new sets of experiences that can be new situations in the same life or even change our bodies and minds (reincarnation). The purpose is to experience the Whole and that can be done by BEING one aspect of the whole, then shifting to another aspect.

Karma is the one of the laws that govern the system, one of the conditions that run the program. It keeps the balance of the system, since every thought, word and act produces or manifest some energy in the creative field.. its effect must be recieved by the producer. To know the working of a machine you can get its circuit diagram but it would be better to run it, observe its input/output relation and hence ‘know’ the working. Karma is the input/output relation in a working universe.

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