15 Reasons Why Gender Equality Does Not Exist


Women want equality, but they do not want to let go of their privileges. Women want freedom, but they do not want accountability. Women want to be liberated, but they do not want responsibility.

Below are 15 reasons which shows how equality is only applicable when it works for women. Otherwise, women would be protesting against the following in order to achieve equality. It shows their hypocrisy and double standards.

1. Lifeboats are reserved for women.

2. The media only focuses on women’s issues.

3. World’s most dangerous jobs are worked by men.

4. Seats are reserved for women on public transport.

5. News channels announce deaths of ‘women’ and children.

6. Juries discriminate against men in domestic violence disputes.

7. Women have special quotas in the parliament, companies, and colleges.

8. Women receive lighter sentences for the same crimes committed by men.

9. Child custody is given to women is divorce courts, in the majority of cases.

10. Men have to earn for women, but women are not under any obligation to earn for men.

11. Domestic violence and dowry are seen as women’s issues, while men are the prime victims.

12. Men give women child support and alimony, not the other way around. Men are ripped off their life savings.

13. Men are used as ATMs. Women always marry men who are richer, earn more, ‘well-settled’, and better educated.

14. Men die on jobs daily. 95% of work related deaths are of men, but that is neither an issue, not something that women and children are grateful for.

15. Draconian laws where women can land men behind bars with little evidence if any, giving a rise to false cases of dowry, rape, and domestic abuse. Police readily believe women, even though they lie more.

8 thoughts on “15 Reasons Why Gender Equality Does Not Exist”

  1. Men have much lower life expectancy as compared to women. The reason why most suicides, heart attacks, health problems, work related fatal injuries, workplace deaths, war deaths, and homeless are men is because men are providers while women receive the same financial and social status of their husband in one day after marriage. This shows just how idiotic the concept of equality is.

  2. Julia, if women really got paid less for the same work, wouldn’t everyone just hire women? Women take more time off work, more holidays, less hours, easier jobs, then compare their salary with men who work long hours in difficult jobs and thus earn more.

  3. But when a man earns more than a woman they are hardworking but when a women has the same job and works as hard as the man does, she gets paid less and then gets criticised for not working as hard

  4. When blacks were forcrd to leave seats for whites, we called it slavery. When men are told to leave seats for women, we call it politeness! Why don’t women leave their seats for men?

  5. You need to add that women are released first in hostage situations, most teachers hired in schools are women, there is open discriminatory behaviour of teachers against boys in schools. men have to propose to women, women hitting men is socially acceptable, men make up the majority of homeless, war casualties, unemployed, suicides, compulsory conscription ….

  6. All the double standards are set by women.

    A man exposing in public = pervert
    A woman exposing in public = liberated

    Men seeking equal treatment = backlash
    Women seeking equal treatment = feminism

    Discrimination against men = equal opportunity
    Discrimination against women = discrimination

    A woman with grievances = victim
    A man with grievances = angry

    Any woman = victim
    Any man = oppressor

    A woman talking about hating men = empowerment
    A man talking about hating women = hate speech

    Female genital mutilation = sexual repression
    Male genital mutilation = acceptable custom

    A man assaulting a women = violence
    A woman assaulting a man = humorous

    A man who beats his female partner = batterer
    A woman who beats her male partner = victim

    A disposable slave = man
    A human being = woman

    Hating women = a crime
    Hating men = a viable political act

    Any power a man has = patriarchy
    Any power a woman has = empowerment

    Pornography pleasing to lesbians = erotica
    Pornography pleasing to men = exploitation and degradation of women

    Person who say feminists are wrong = hate criminals
    People who say men are wrong = feminists

    Patriarchy = bad
    Matriarchy = good

    Male leader = backwards
    Female leader = improvement

    Pro-lesbianism and female, anti-male = feminist ideology
    Same standards, honest competition = unfair

    Female virgin = pure
    Male virgin = pathetic

    Female modesty = noble
    Male modesty = creepy

    Pandering to male audiences = sexism
    Pandering to female audiences = fulfilling a niche

    Women standing up for themselves = empowerment
    Men standing up for themselves = chauvinism

    Woman proud of her appearance = confident
    Man proud of his appearance = vain

    Innate female advantages = complementary
    Innate male advantages = sexist

    Women’s space = safe haven
    Men’s space = patriarchal breeding ground

    Women discussing their issues = therapeutic
    Men discussing their issues = whining

    Female intellect = pioneering
    Male intellect = masturbatory

    Man obeying a women = respect
    Women obeying a man = slavery

    Men being sexually critical = shallow
    Women being sexually critical = having standards

    Female rage = man’s fault
    Male rage = man’s fault

    Male abuse of power = direct consequence of patriarchy
    Female abuse of power = indirect consequence of patriarchy

    Unemployed woman = homemaker
    Unemployed man = loser

    Female indulgence = success
    Male indulgence = selfishness

    • Several of your comparisons are either untrue, or problems created by a patriarchy and backwards attitudes towards women.
      The first, for example, is untrue; men often walk around in summer time with shirts off and nobody makes comments – it is socially acceptable. Women however face backlash, are called sl*ts and sl*gs for wearing no bra, or short skirts, when men are allowed to go around half naked.
      The comparison regarding female and male virginity is a problem created by men and the converse is inarguably more damaging. A woman’s virginity is only seen as pure because the opposite is seen as repulsive. Women who have had multiple partners are branded as dirty, as sl*gs, but men with multiple partners are seen as a studs and cool.
      These are only two examples but there are several flaws throughout your entire comment.


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