Chinese language in Schools of Sindh from 2013

Chinese Language

In Pakistan educational system has always been under criticism as it needs a lot of improvement as far as the curriculum and standard of education in government schools are concerned. It is a major divide that every province has different curriculum and many regional languages.

Students had to learn three major languages as a compulsory subject – Urdu, English and Sindhi in the schools of Sindh, while some schools also have Arabic curriculum but it is not included in Board exams as a separate language and supposed to be a part of Islamiat course outline.

The two phrases of Chinese language a Pakistani student is familiar with are “Shay Shay” which means Shukria and “Chai Chin” which means phir milen gay. Thanks to Ibne Insha travelogue (titled Cheen main ek din Urdu kay talib ilmon kay sath) included in the text book of Urdu for class X. But soon there will be more Chinese that our students with not so flat nose can speak as Government of Sindh has decided out of the blue to introduce Chinese language Curriculum in Schools of Sindh from class 6th. Since China is not only a very close friend of Pakistan but is also a major player in the global economy, the Sindh Government thought it was necessary to promote Chinese language in the country.

Apparently there are around 50,000 schools in Sindh excluding private institutions and the ministry of education needs exactly the same number of teachers well versed in one of the world’s most difficult language to implement this decision while financial resources will also be required.

The importance of learning languages is undeniable but it is a fact that students have to struggle a lot to cope up with this decision as they already have the burden of three compulsory languages on them along with the discrimination of Urdu and English medium.

It will be a good option to introduce Chinese Language as an optional subject at graduation level like Arabic and Persian. To begin with crash courses can be offered to businessmen and professionals, who have to communicate with their Chinese counterparts as the decision is all about economic benefits that could be gained from the world’s second-largest economy.

9 thoughts on “Chinese language in Schools of Sindh from 2013”

  1. Learning other languages is most useful for the nation and China is also our friend I appreciate this step and i am also certified in Chinese Language From NUML-Karachi. its not as difficult to learn as we consider. let this language be introduced in academic level then it will be common for Pakistani peaple.

  2. I think Education and Literacy Department government of Sindh has taken a good step to introduce Chinese Language in our public sector schools.In future it will benefit for all of us.

    Pak-china friendship zindaAbad./ younzoye

  3. Very Sad, Being an Islamic country, the priority should be to implement Arabic as a compulsory language.
    I am not against to learn other languages.

  4. after all jo bhi ho this is no right way chinese duniya ki pahli mushkal tarin zuban hai hamry log english tow abhi tak theak sy bol nehi paay lo g ab chinese bhi a rahi hai lagta hai ham urdu sy bhi hath dho dain gay aik din a jay ga jab pakistan k log na tow english na chinese na hi urdu bol paay gay ya sub zubaney mix ho kar aik zuban ban dain gey or phir wo gey hamri zuban. hahahhahha mazay ki baat jab main first year main tha tow mari class main sy 39 larkon main sy 19 ko tow urdu main hi saply a gey the by chary chinese khak sick paay gey wah hamri hakumat zindabad pata nehi student ka kiya future

  5. I think that this is not right because hamay apne sary subjects urdu main kar daney chahiya jab chian main japan main or duniya k kafi countries main unky subject unki apni zuban main hain or wo kafi taraki par hai tow ham kiyun english,chinese,arbic,k pechay par gaya hai bal k hamay apni awam ko duniya k tamam achay subjects urdu main tarjama kar k daney chahiya es tariky sy hamri awan zada ache bal k jaldi taraki kar paay gey

  6. This is very great step taken by the Government of Sindh . I really appreciate it . I also suggest the other provinces to start this subject (CHINESE) in schools . By learning this language people wil be able to do more good trade with CHina . Moreover this by learning this language the students who want to get higher education from China (mostly ppl go for MBBS BBA CS etc) would be easier … Learning language of other is nation is very helpful for future . If you are having less education and more language skills then your demand for the country is v much valued . and it will not disturb the routine of students because it will be started from the beginners level … Let PAkistan be the ASIAN TIGER …. INSHAHALLAH


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