How to be chairman of PPP

It seems that unless a person has the surname “Bhutto” he or she can never be the chairman or chairperson of the largest political party in the country. The new chairman, the late BB’s son Bilawal, had to rename himself as Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, to be acceptable to its members before he could assume the mantle of leadership of the party. Of course, in a few days, he will be referred to as Bilawal Bhutto, and people will forget that his surname was Zardari.

It seems that all those other men and women in the PPP hierachy can never reach the top in the PPP. So I suggest that all of them change their names and insert “Bhutto” before their last names. Sherry Rehman, for instance, should change her name to Sherry Bhutto Rehman, while Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani (famous for his wandering hand in a widely circulate video) should immediately change his name to Syed Yousuf Bhutto Raza Gilani. In fact every member and voter of the party should now be a Bhutto. The result of course will be that there will be as many Bhuttos as there are Khans in the country. This might even result in the party holding elections to select its leaders.

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  1. Chill friends?

    Asif Ali Zardari was hailed for so many cases in the past as all the politicians in Pakistan had, but as the time passed, He is now a mature politician, Take example of Altaf, who was known terrorist and killed so many people with his hands even, but After studying and indulging into politics, he is now a mature person.

    As for as BHUTTO jargon is concerned, I dont think there is any restriction in PPP, we will see this in coming years, as I belive Bilawal will not come back into politics, and Amin Fahim or other PPP leader will take over the party, that would be better for Pakistan.

    Leave the stupid discussion and think for the prosperiousing your country’s future, Because this moment (elections 2008) is the hope to rise Pakistan.

    I Hope people will take active part in mind-relaxing discussion rather targeting and pinpointing the negative roles of the past.


  2. In Urdu it is siad ” Waqt Pernay Per Gadhay Ko Bhe Baap banana Perrta Hay”

    sub jantay hain k yai sari game sirf mafaad ki hay is liay bhutto zardari or zardari bhutto ho gaya hay or aik or baat samajh aati hay k chand din baad “Bilawal Zardari Bhutto” sirf ” Bilawal Bhutto ” reh jaay ga..
    shayad Zardari ko bhe Pata hay k yai uski Olaad nahin hay 🙂

  3. well it’s better if this nation understands that Bhutto is not a Sindhi wadera family ratther it’s a cause….it’s Bhutto cause….it’s the cause of Pakistan…but unfortunately this nation never valued their leaders instead they are non-sense critics….

  4. …and once everyone has put ‘Bhutto’ after their names, “Kitnay Bhutto maro gay, har ghar se Bhutto niklay ga” will hold truth!

  5. Zardari name is totally unliked in Sind and that’s A. Zardari had to pop-up his child to seduce sindhis with “bhutto” name.
    But after all there are real bhuttos present so maybe this bhutto game might be ‘a beggining of the end of ppp’.

  6. @Shakir Lakhani

    Brother if you know, she came into politics by the name Baenazir Bhutto and then after marriage when she became Baenazir Zardari, her follower still called her BB.

    I believe the same that PPP should be a party of house, if it will remain in Bhutto’s family this means the party isn’t have democracy in themselves.

  7. Come on, Hassan Abbas, you know very well it was she who refused to add Zardari to her name, despite being the wife of Asif Ali Zardari. She, like the present leadership, wanted to use the name “Bhutto” to fool the illiterate Pakistanis and win elections, just like the “Gandhis” do in India. I honestly think if the PPP is always to be led by Sindhis and Bhuttos, it does not have a bright future. It may gain in the short term, but ultimately it will break up into different factions (like the Pakistan Muslim League).


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