Scars on the Soul

A scar on the body heals by medicine but a scar on the soul doesn’t.Scars on the soul cause the most amount of pain which are a result of committing sins. The more a person indulges in sin the more the number of scars on his soul.

The more u indulge in sin the less its effect and u need a heavier dose next time. This is the reality of sin. Sins cause pain in the form of anxiety and depression. Why does a person with wealth fame and fortune commit suicide? His soul is scarred which will heal only by Allah. With the worship of Allah. With daily salat and zikr of Allah. Thinking about Allah. Talking about Allah. The need of the soul is Allah.

We should do a sincere taubah from all our sins and have a firm, firm intention not do commit sins again. If we don’t our present condition is not going to change. Our soul will keep screaming for Allah and we will keep lying to ourselves. Sins causing pain is not just limited to this world. They also cause pain in hell.