Zainab Market

It is said that the Zainab Market in the heart of Karachi is the shopping paradise for the people. Known for its diversity in an number of things, wedding dresses, regional dresses, modern and traditional jewelry, handicrafts cosmetics, decoration items, ready-made garments and shoes, this bazar is famous among locals as well as foreigners equally. A large number of people visit this market daily from within and outside the city.

When I was in Karachi last month, I was a frequent visitor to this market because the quality of items available here at affordable prices are nowhere to be seen in the country. Zainab Market provides a one window shopping facility to people. Its small shops have a number of things for every age group. One of my cousin, who resides in Karachi, has done all of her wedding shopping from this very market.

One of my friend has also got a small shop in this market, and he says,”We mostly deal in cosmetics and women of all age groups are our clients. We offer best rates in the market. People from all over the city flock this market every day from sunrise to sunset. You will find all sorts of people here, poor and rich, not only from the Karachi but all those hailing from other cities and towns.”

But there is no, I repeat, there is no parking space for cars in and around Zainab Market. If only this problem gets resolved, then there would be no trouble in the shopping paradise.

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