Silver Bullet

The one thing I learned in university in my software engineering course is that there is no such thing as a silver bullet; at least, not one that come without any strings attached to it. That’s why I am wary of XML as the ultimate cure for the information interchange on the World Wide Web.

I have read this silver bullet thingy so many times, it has become a second nature to suspect every new and much-touted technology. The mantra that no matter how hard you strive, you can’t develop that ideal software, which fulfills the user requirement, which develops under the budget according to the time constraints with as minimal fuss as possible and it could also sustain the inevitable changes.

Is that why the software remains un-reliable and so volatile that it needs upgrades and updates every year or every six months?

1 thought on “Silver Bullet”

  1. am not a techie so won’t comment on the topic being discussed but …. on a lighter note

    “no such thing as a silver bullet” … Dick Cheny V President USA recently visited pakistan in “silver bullet” (code name for 52Feet bullet proof Container turned into office with latest communication equipment)


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