To my sweet sister

Once I had a sister like most of us have but……she…hey don’t think that I lost her, may God bless her a happy and prosperous life…the reason I am apart from her is not other than her marriage…like it’s the rule of this world that every man and woman has to marry someone….

So after her marriage I realized her importance in my life…she was more than a sister, she was my best buddy in the whole world. She was important as sun is for the world, as water for fish, as oxygen for human and and. and…..whenever I was
blue, she come to me and cheer me up with her stupid jokes…whenever I was confused she come up with her all advices to help me out…we used to share a lot of things but now I am alone and blue too…I want to share a lot
but…the distance of some miles seems a lot. I am nothing without her…

So here the purpose of telling all is that, love your sisters and brothers a lot and never hurt them because they are the precious gifts of God.

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