Pakistani Prisoners in Guantanamo

A Prisoner of GuantanamoAmerican president Barack Obama emerged as a hope for the world when he announced that Guantanamo prison will be closed in an year.It was the first eminent decision by him indeed. According to latest news from BBC and New York Times, it has been reported that there are eight Pakistani prisoners remaining in Guantanamo.

US Defense Ministry has publicized this list in New York Times and it states that this prison had 71 Pakistanis, out of which 69 had been shifted to Pakistan. The report says that initially 789 prisoners from 49 countries had been brought here. Out of which 241 are still kept in the prison and the rest has been sent back to their countries. Five prisoners had also died in the prison. The report does not explain what allegations or charges are filed against the prisoners? And who had been shifted to their countries are they free?

This report contains highest number of Afghan prisoners that is 221, 149 belong to Saudi Arabia and 111 from Yemen. Pakistan stands on number four which has 71 prisoners. A lot of other Muslim countries are included in the list from where the prisoner had been brought. Surprisingly there wasn’t any prisoner from India despite of the fact that a large number of Muslims live there.

According to the list Abdur Rehman, Ali Abdul Aziz, Majeed Khan, Saif Ullah Parracha and Khalid Shiekh Muhammad are those Pakistanis who are still retained in the prison. May God give them strength and courage to bear all this difficult time and reach home safely.

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