Ways to get Relief from Stress

Constant stress can cause disorder in our bodies, minds and souls and so depression and emotional trauma can elicit many problems. It is proved by science that in stress the heart beat increases thus raising the blood pressure and the body starts producing extra hormones that are be harmful. This is the reason that the persons who remain stressed and depressed get weak and easily fall ill. Well to avoid all this I suggest some ways:

  • Breathe deeply and slowly.
  • Close your eyes and imagine and relax by imagining good days and memories.
  • Think about your dreams, hopes and the future.
  • Drink some water or preferably some fruit juice as they really help in relieving stress.
  • Take a bath coz this gives relief.
  • Go for jogging or for a walk.
  • Share the problem with someone you really trust.
  • Try to break out of your routine and do something unusual as going for a picnic.
  • Spend time with family and friends.
  • Keep yourself busy.

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