Nawaz Sharif, Zardari and Solidarity

The reason Pakistan looked so dejected, gloomy, and despondent after the brutal and audacious assassination of Benazir Bhutto was because the souring anti-federation sentiments.

While covering the event live from Garhi Khuda Buksh and Bhutto House, Naudero despite of lots of editing many anti-federation slogans were heard all across the country, and the way arson, looting, plundering and killing was done in Pakistan and especially in Sindh was very fearful. Every patriot in the country was terrified and very much in agony. At one side a common Pakistani was ripped apart by this tragic incident and on the other side these clashes, riots and burning just sucked his soul away.

Nawaz Sharif did well when he went bare-footed to Garhi Khuda Buksh. He also did well to make a good gesture which surely prompted lots of healing, and helped in diffusing tensions and resentement a lot. Qazi Hussain Ahmad was also there in the evening. Nawaz Sharif tried to offer his sympathis with the workers of PPP, and he reassured them that he will take the revenge of “Martyred Sister.”

Next day, Asif Ali Zardari did very good to calm the nerves of Sindhi brothers. He said that it was highly unfair and illogical to chant anti-Punjab slogans as the 20 or so people who died with Benazir in Rawalpindi on 27th December were also Punjabis. He urged his workers to remain calm and use their grief and anger to vote out the “Qatil Leauge”.

Zardari has risen in his stature by talking about federation their decision to take part in elections will also help country to get back to normality and perhaps democracy.

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