NA-49 Islamabad-II : Constituency Analysis

NA-49 Islamabad II is one of the crucial constituencies of the country, as its proximity includes the capital of the country, and one of the most populous areas. In this constituency traditional rivals are locking the horns this time as before. These include Mustafa Nawaz Khokar, Dr. Tariq Chaudhary and Nayyar Bukhari.

In the local constituency politics of Islamabad, the most prominent name is of Haji Nawaz Khokar, who has been elected three times from this constituency for the national assembly, but he voluntarily has retired from the national politics for his son Mustafa Nawaz Khokar since the last elections of 2002. Haji Nawaz Khokar is now hand in hand with his son, and directs his whole politics.

Dr. Tariq Chaudhary is the president of PML-N Islamabad, and Nayyar Bukhari belongs to People’s Party. In 1985, Haji Nawaz Khokar defeated Zafar Ali Shah with great difficult and it was the only seat from Islamabad then. In 1997, Zafar Ali Shah managed to win this seat on the ticket of PML-N and defeated Nayyar Bukhari. Then Islamabad got two seats for the national assembly. Zafar Ali Shah opted for the NA-48, while Dr. Tariq Chaudhary went for NA-49.

Dr. Tariq Chaudhary and Mustafa Nawaz Khokar are newbie in the politics, though Mustafa Nawaz Khokar has got the support of his experienced father and his father has done lots and lots of work for him. Dr. Tariq draws his power from his party backing and so is the case with Nayyar Bukhari. This constituency of Islamabad mainly consists of the rural area with rural population of 80.11 %, whereas urban population is 20%. In total, eleven candidates are taking part in these elections. One more prominent candidate is Malik Tabarak Hussain, who is a prominent leader of PML-Q, but when he didn’t get the ticket of PML-Q, he stood as an independent candidate. He is problematic bone for the Khokar family.

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