Slap in AJK

Sardar Usman Atiq’s buddies couldnt stand it that someone from far away was trying to sabotage the golden dreams of their friend.

Sardar Usman’s tour to Geneva was made sour by Tahir Khokar, a not-so-romantic member of legislative assemly of AJK, who tried to forwarded a call attention notice that Sardar Usman, who is also the son of Prime Minister Sardar Atiq, was going to Geneva to attend a seminar to highlight the Kashmir issue, and he was taking with him three ladies. The whole expense is to be bore by the Kashmir Liberation Cell.

All hell broke loose in the tiny AJK assembly when Tahir Khokar crossed the floor and gave the papers of this notice to the treasurey benches. They slapped him and then Tahir Khokar was in the limelight in a jiffy. What was known by some dozens of people is now an international news.

The slap was heard in London, where the head honcho Altaf Hussain dispatched some of his toadies to Muzaffarabad, who reached there and now raising all kinds of hell.

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  1. Grow up, Fahd, you’re not a kid. This guy needs three women, one to play ludo with, another to wash his clothes and the third to keep him warm. And eveeryone loves a free lunch. If you or I were in his place and didn’t cheat, people would think we were fools. That’s why honest men never succeed in politics.


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