Practice It and touch the sky

In the life, there is no such thing as short cut which may lead to success. short cuts never pay dividends, and you simply cannot master any trade without practice. It’s very beaten cliche that practice makes a man perfect, but this is so true, that it never feels old and rugged. Practice really is something which makes a human superior to the other. It’s the gist of competition.

Any learning process, if doesn’t contain practice, never becomes successful. If any learning process doesn’t contain practice then its even useless to talk about it. And there is no concept exist like ‘bad practice’. Practice is practice and is always good. The more you do it, the more good it feels, and more benefits you reap.

Failures during practice mark your continuous progress, and if you are not failing during practice, then you are not practicing hard, or you are not really practicing. Natural instincts and natural talents can only shine through consistent and rigorous practice.

The key to success is practice and it is more important than the luck factor. You cannot select your fortune, but you can always practice. Practice is in your hands.

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