Zardari cat comes out of Bag

Just listen to the words of this man Asif Ali Zardari now and you would recall all those horses, their jams, their coconuts, their stables, that Surrey Palace, the 10 percent commission, Fauzi Kazmi, and many other disgusting things of the past.

As the grief over the assassination of Benazir Bhutto has worn down considerably thanks to the callous policies of the Pakistan People’s Party, things are not that rosy and compassionate for Zardari. He may succeed to rule with the help of establishment and Musharraf and with the amalgamated courts of Dogar, but he won’t by any different from the Q-league.

The man who looted billions of dollars now is hesitant to restore the judiciary, because he now all of a sudden sees all the legalese and modalities. The Dubai negotiations between the parties have been deadlocked again. Zardari won’t restore the judiciary because he has to pay back for NRO and other blessing of Musharraf. Nation has to snatch their right back.

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  1. I used to know Fawzi & Rehana Kazmi who lived on Main Drigh Rd in the early 1970,s what ever happened to them?



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