Woes of Law and Order

Pakistan has become a paradise for the robbers, rapers, thieves, car-lifters, kidnappers, and police. In all the cities, towns, and villages the law and order situation is equally worst. From Karachi to Khyber, and from Quetta to Islamabad, nobody is safe. If you manage to avoid the mobile snatchers on the street, you would be picked-up by a traffic constable on the next signal. If you have managed to escape a kidnapping attempt, you could be robbed at home.

It is citizens’ fundamental right to be provided security of life and possessions. It is unfortunate that with lawlessness becoming a common feature that right is denied to them. As it is widely known gang mafias allegedly operate under the protection of rogue elements among the police and influential figures. When they sense some instability, they take full advantage of it.

It is a pity that a ‘reporting rooms’ scheme initiated in some cities sometime ago to provide a friendly atmosphere to complainants failed when in practice the rooms began to be used as police officers leisure and rest areas.

The law and order plight seems to be directly linked to political stability in the country and as instability rises, more crimes occur. Solution lies in adopting a system of regular patrolling and supervision under which police officers are held accountable for their actions. It is common to hear complaints that they refuse to listen to complaints unless their ‘needs’ (tea, pack of a cigarettes, or 20/30 Rupees) are fulfilled. A system of accountability would help improve the situation. There is also a need to induct enough policemen who are honest and competent. Their grouse about low pays and indefinite duty hours must also be removed.

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  1. look at good side of it 😛 this country has the charm now .. Pakistanis are people who are prepared for any situation now , starting from bombings, robberies, murders, kidnapping, rapes, corrupt police officers, and all that comes with it!!! we are all crime, and terror prof, it will take the devil million years to scare this nations people.


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