The good in bad

“Is life good?’

“What is good?”

Well here you go…It is all state of mind. Happiness, joy, contentment is all how your mind is tuned to conceive.

“Happiness is not in having what you ¬†want, but in wanting what you have.”

It is the secret of life. We are helpless creatures who cannot change what we have been provided with. What we can change is the way we think life is.

We cannot change the parents we have been born with.

We cannot change the place we were born at.

We can do a lot, yet nothing. So the best is to let it go on fate and with a smile accept evrything that comes along.There might be a bad time (there definitely is once in everyones life) The success comes in when you comeout of the darkness successfully. With a hope “hona ujala tu hay, dhalnay andheray tu hain”. Lit the darkness with your inner glowing self.

All of it needs strength. Easy said than done. Accepted!

But that’s how you have to work through life. You have to force yourself to live. Else the sharp edges will rip you off and you will be shredded in pieces, useless.

2 thoughts on “The good in bad”

  1. State of mind ? This is the stupid western way of thinkin where anti-depressants are a million dollar business, Happiness lies in obeying Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala and staying away from sins.

  2. Good and bad, happiness and joy, both these are separate things. Its not just how you perceive it. Humans have no right t judge what is good or bad, the Creator Himself has told what is Right and what is Wrong.

    Destiny is pre-written and one cannot change it but difference between human and the Sun or Moon is, humans are given a choice and they choose and get the result based on their choice. Sun, Moon have no choice.

    One cannot change the parents but can leave them. Some Holy Prophet left their parents when their parents refused to accept Allah and some left thier places when things became too hostile.

    You must have heard or read, Dua(prayers) changes the Destiny. Be a Human, instead of waiting, come out of your innerself and look for what is Happiness and what is sorrow. Go for it and take support of Prayers.

    Khudi ko kar buland intna ke Khuda khud bande se pooche ke bata teri raza kia hai.

    Explore your powers and learn using them. All you need is to become Abdullah (Khuda ka Banda)


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