Operations’ Awareness

Why is it that Balochistan seems too far away? Why is it that people from the rest of the country consider FATA area as someplace outside and not one of their own? Why is it that people in NWFP and Sindh are angry with Punjab, and Punjab is angry with them?

These are the questions, which shouldn’t be pushed under the rug. These are surely tough questions, but we must address them. We can see in retrospect and our rulers perhaps can see in hindsight that operations are not the solutions. Operation in Balochistan which killed Nawab Akbar Bugti achieved nothing, but unrest in that province. Operation in Lal Masjid achieved nothing but some more terrorist attacks. Operation in FATA area resulted in same, and the operation in Swat is also doing the same.

Though the nature of these operations is different, and some are justifiable like the operation in Swat but the real thing is that government should be proactive in dealing with such situation and it should curb elements like Fazllulah before they start following their activities at the expense of others and in the name of religion.

For quite a time now we are reading about the presence of Uzbek in the militants. Who are they and from where they have come? Why doesn’t government alienate such elements from the local populace and crack them down? These Uzbeks know very little about Islam, and they are just being used, exploited and manipulated by RAW and other agencies against Pakistan, and this is high time that government should take nation in confidence.

If government wants to end these terrorist activities, it should take nation in confidence, and start a massive awareness campaign to clarify its position. As Swat Operation is justified and it is for the right cause. But due to unawareness people also equate this operation with other expeditions.

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