Rising Cyber Era

Across the planet, millions of people are using the internet for information, research, retail purchases, finances, and correspondence, without a thought to the legal issues involved in electronic communication and commerce. These issues are an important consideration of doing business in our free enterprise system. In the past, business managers had to know the basics of our legal system to understand the fundamentals of face to face business transactions. Now they must also understand the legal functioning of electronic commerce or e-commerce , as creative online business models radically change the legal spectrum of business.

Cyberlaw — law governing the use of computers and world wide web, focuses on a combination of hybrid types of laws which are decisional and also administrative arising out of the use of Internet. These new laws often build on traditional laws that apply to bricks and mortars companies and applies technology to ecommerce.

Because the Internet is a coalition of networks throughout the world, no one organization owns the Internet. The Internet society oversees boards and task forces that deal with the network policy issues.

One of prominent task forces is Internet Engineering Task Force, which is responsible for the final approval of the protocol engineering and development group. It’s credo is, ” We reject kings, presidents and voting. We believe in rouch consensus and running code.”

In this rising era, where security is fast becoming a serious issue and the awareness among the populace is more than ever, its high time we, in Pakistan, should start paying serious and fair attention towards this.

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