State of Pakistan: What Next?

When an entire nation is completely engulfed in the dark shallows of despair and depression, when one cannot find any way out of all the distress despite applying all possible efforts and passing resolutions what measures can help individuals and communities, are unfortunately never discussed here in our beloved country Pakistan. Ultimately all this has led to cut throat situation.

Today each and every one here is not struggling to improve standard of living but rather is focusing and exerting to live. We have become animals that are striving for survival and only the fittest having power and monopoly of absolute chair is able to survive here. People have started implementing the rule of force instead of law. All this has contributed in further exhausting the level of patience. Bank looting, increase in kidnappings, street crimes and cheating people have accelerated there pace in all around the country.

It is not the crime rate that has increased but is intensified level of injustice that is forcing you and me to do all this. How can one expect betterment in these circumstances? One can easily predict, next is what.

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