Is it a Crime if you have no Child!

It is difficult for being a girl in such a conservative society. It is my very deep observation that when a girl grows, there is a tension that the girl has to get married and so some person should be looked for her. Usually it is seen that the girl may not herself be so much concerned about herself and the parents as well but the society is behind creating all such tensions. People ask if she is engaged. , and if she says no, then they say that you would age over so hurry up. How can she hurry up?

But OK now when the girl is married off but unable to reproduce a baby, she is confronted with a lot of questions. It is all that God has decided for the pair but what others have to do with it ? Why other put questions or blame for having no children. Why people meddle in others’ affairs? In such cases, the girls fall prey to questions and criticism. Examples are put as the other pair that had been married in the same month, year as yours has now a baby, or more but you have none. Such things cultivate and tensions grow as severe tension and depression in most of the cases. This is the point where the tussles start to begin and the girl thinks she should run far away from all such people. However, this is the same society everywhere and she can run nowhere.

Theses things put the girl think as ashamed of herself and as she has committed a crime!

1 thought on “Is it a Crime if you have no Child!”

  1. that is so true and very cruel because every one has to meddle into every thing, no matter what it was, trust me even if they were having kids but too many they would still talk about that and make it an issue. i don’t know what would be the solution for such a crime against our poor married couples

  2. You have raised a cruel but true aspect of our society. This ‘jahalat’ is spread across the countries and girls are equally tortured in cities and villages. Not only a girl is being demanded to ‘produce’ a child after first year of her marriage but most of the time she is asked to have a male child [as if it is in her control]

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