e-Shops … ?

e-Shops are a new emerging concept yet not very much popular in Pakistan. When we visit some site for dress designs for bridals or party wears, we are actually visiting an e-Shop that is displaying the products with their price enlisted just below. If we are willing to shop, we register ourselves and then either buy it online through credit cards or visit the shop after it.
Such e-Shops range fro simple web pages to highly complex sites that offer a range of products and services including online ordering and payment. Such shops provide new ideas and facilities to the consumer but an issue is to help people find out such sites.
For a site that should offer all types of facilities to its consumers, there should be:

– Company information, FAQs and customer support facilities.
– Customer registration and online mailing of customers with information or special offers that are of the customer’s interest.
– Site indexes and search facilities.
– Online order entry and payment systems.
– After sales service and support
– Feedback systems to improve the service and promote the user community.

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