Value of Votes in 2008

Once again elections are there to give a new turn to our torrid political history. More than once and twice, political and elected governments have been assassinated by the despotic regimes, and our history is littered with the assassinations of political figures with no resolution of the matter in sight. Neither the assassinations of assemblies have been sorted out nor the assassinations of the elected figures.

The elections which are supposed to be held on 18th February are already one month and a half late. Pakistan faces many gaping problems right now and these elections are supposed to produce a national government which would try to be instrumental in resolving these issues, and get the country back on the track, the country which is undoubtedly teetering on the brink, as they say.

Government under the General (retd) President Pervez Musharraf is making tall claims that elections will be in any case free and fair and transparent and they are vehemently pledging that the elections will be at any cose held in peaceful manner, and in this regard military and para-military forces have been deployed across the country. The running week is very much crucial as the terrorists would surely try their utmost to undermine the electoral process and to push Pakistan more towards chaos and instability.

People really want to get rid of the current situation in the country, and they are very much unhappy with the way government is carrying on with the country. They consider this setup is sham, and and extension of the previous PML-Q regime, and they are very apprehensive and morose about the elections in the presence of General r Musharraf. They are tentative to cast their votes, because they are still very much unsure of their values.

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  1. These elections will not solve the current crisis, even if the PML(Q) is defeated. If, by some miracle, both PPP & PML(N) together get two thirds majority, Musharraf will simply dissolve the assemblies under Art. 58(b).


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