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Hilary Clinton’s Two Million Twitter Followers And Tens Of Thousands Of Facebook Fans Found To Be Fake

Until now we knew Hilary Clinton as a woman who gets drunk, indulges in bad-mouthing, has no control over her emotions, can’t even run her house, and breaks federal law. But now we also know that she is a liar. Hilary Clinton’s state department buying Facebook ‘likes’ is nothing new, and now according to two […]

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15 Reasons Why Gender Equality Does Not Exist

Women want equality, but they do not want to let go of their privileges. Women want freedom, but they do not want accountability. Women want to be liberated, but they do not want responsibility. Below are 15 reasons which shows how equality is only applicable when it works for women. Otherwise, women would be protesting […]

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5 Things Women Do Better Than Men

71% of children are killed by their mothers. Women are not the angelic creatures that people think they are. Women kill more children than men do, by a considerable margin. Below are 5 more things that women do better than men. Gang Rape: In 2010, the Center for Disease Control asked young men and women […]

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First Woman In U.S. History Handed 20 Year Jail Sentence For Feticide

Sexual freedom of women is being maniacally propagated under the banner of ‘women empowerment’. Women having casual sex, one-night stands, multiple sexual relationships, affairs, etc, and then getting pregnant and aborting fetuses has become a norm these days. Women want freedom without responsibility, not realizing that poor choices come with consequences, without accepting that with […]

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Husbands In Pakistan Cannot Deny Paternity Of Child Even With DNA Evidence

Feminism is a cult, a form a satanism, propelling nudity and promiscuity, spreading teen pregnancies and STDs, responsible for abortions and AIDS, giving rise to pre-marital and extra-marital affairs, and the Supreme Court has made sure that all of it thrives by issuing a ruling that is more of a death sentence to everything that morality stands for.

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Pakistan’s Female MPs Guilty Of Laundering Billions Of Rupees

Firdous Ashiq Awan – Rs. 1.1 billion Fehmida Mirza – Rs. 1.1 billion Faryal Talpur – Rs. 780 million Asma Arbab Alamgir – Rs. 580 million Naseem Chaudhry – Rs. 500 million While a man has to risk his life to enter the political arena, women have seats reserved in parliament in our fair world […]

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Horrendous Torture Techniques Sanctioned By American Government In Afghanistan Prisons

If spine-chilling details of torture at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib were not enough, we heard about the gruesome torture of innocent detainees in Bagram prison and the infamous CIA torture report, and now yet another grisly account of the horror faced by Afghan detainess, including children, is described in a recently published report, revealed […]

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The Dark Side Of Women’s Liberation: A Generation Of Neglected Children

… feminists try to demean homemaking, making it sound like oppression, and brainwash women into the workforce away from the comfort and peace of their homes, while the real oppression occurs with the deranged idea of ‘equality’ in the form of broken homes, shockingly high divorce rates, neglect of children, abuse at the hands of babysitters, teen pregnancies, alcohol and drug abuse among teenagers, poor academic performances of children, etc.

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Bangladesh Enter Quarter-Finals After Knocking England Out Of World Cup

The entire country of Bangladesh erupted with joy when Rubel Hossain bowled James Anderson out, as Bangladesh defeated England by 15 runs to enter the quarter-finals of the ICC Cricket World 2015, leaving England packing their bags after a miserable tournament. England’s only win has been against minnows Scotland, courtesy of a brilliant century by […]

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Dr. Zakir Naik Awarded King Faisal International Prize

For his service to Islam, Dr. Zakir Naik was awarded the prestigious ‘King Faisal International Prize’ on 1st March. Known for reverting many non-Muslims all over the world with his speeches and brilliant dialogues, Dr. Zakir Naik is a simple man who uses verses from Holy books of different religions to prove that Islam is […]

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