Husbands In Pakistan Cannot Deny Paternity Of Child Even With DNA Evidence

thIn a typically sexist and bigoted ruling, the Supreme Court has issued a new lease to promiscuity which is bound to please feminists, who will
be on a new high to aid to their slut walk campaigns, topless protests, calls for pre-marital sex for women as a form of female empowerment, and of course, slogans of “I will wear what I want.”

Being shameless is the new form of female empowerment. Revealing the body in public, in tight and transparent attire, luring men and being objects of lust is empowering to feminists. Being semi-nude all the time, brainwashing the young, innocent minds of decent girls into transforming from being truly beautiful to an ugly version of womenhood is empowerment.

Feminism is a cult, a form a satanism, propelling nudity and promiscuity, spreading teen pregnancies and STDs, responsible for abortions and AIDS, giving rise to pre-marital and extra-marital affairs, and the Supreme Court has made sure that all of it thrives by issuing a ruling that is more of a death sentence to everything that morality stands for. In western countries, one out of every four children are born due to extra-marital sex by women where the husband is not even aware that the child is not his. At least they can deny paternity after a DNA test, but in Pakistan that human right has been taken away by the Supreme Court.

In every corner of the world, we get to see double standards. It is wrong for men to look at women, but it is perfectly acceptable for women to stare at men. Scholars also play their part by telling men to lower their gaze, while forgetting that the Holy Quran equally commands women to lower their gaze.

24:31: Tell the believing women that they should lower their gaze and dress modestly … – Holy Quran

The Supreme Court ruled on Thursday that the Muslim Personal Law did not vest husbands with the right to casually deny the paternity of a child bore to them by their wives.

“Children born during the subsistence of marriage are presumed to be legitimate,” said a judgment issued by a two-judge bench while overturning a Lahore High Court verdict. The bench comprises Justice Jawwad S. Khawaja and Justice Sarmad Jalal Osmany.

“Except under extremely limited circumstances and within a very limited period after birth, this presumption cannot be rebutted by any evidence, including DNA test,” the verdict said. – Dawn

This is only going to give a rise to paternity fraud, as if enough of it does not exist already, and increase marital disputes where women will be able to swindle men out of their life savings in child support and alimony, which has become a trend and a business for women.

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