Men Should Boycott Valentine’s Day

Since there has to be equality in every sense, men should not be asked or expected to spend on women on Valentine’s Day.

Men should not be targeted with commercials and advertisements about diamonds and jewellery, especially around this time of the year. Men should not be shamed to pull cash out of their pockets. Besides, if women are only happy when their partners spend on them, then women love their partners’ wallets and not them.

From men paying for chocolates and gifts to dinner and rings, Valentine’s Day breaks all notions about the so called equality that feminists cry for. People can have love and romance at any time of the year, but specifically one day of the year is chosen where all over the world men collectively spend billions of dollars to please women.

Boycott Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day emphasizes the financial slavery of men. It is, yet again, using men as disposable ATMs where men don’t even know when their wife or girlfriend will walk out of the relationship. Worldwide, 70% of divorces are initiated by women, while girls change boyfriends faster than a chameleon changes colour.

Less than perfect women continue changing partners in their never-ending quest for Mr. Right (while you will never hear about men looking for Ms. Right). This is because a happy woman is a myth. But men continue to pour out their hearts and their wallets and continue getting stabbed in the back.

Valentine’s Day is arbitrary and manipulative, used to extract men’s hard-earned money. Of course, feminists will not have a problem with Valentine’s Day because it works in their favour. February 14th is a day which enhances the subjugation of men and their subservience, if enough of it doesn’t exist already.

Men who think that their sense of worth and self-esteem depends on Valentine’s Day need to understand how easy it is to play with their feelings and emotions. Women are naturally good at emotional blackmail, and will use all kinds of shaming tactics to swindle men out of their savings.

This Valentine’s Day, keep your money where it belongs.

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  1. Valentine’s day is celebrated by both men and women, so why don’t women give men chocolates, perfumes, gifts, and pay for dinner at a restaurant, or at least split the bill?

    Men should give gifts to their parents. Many men don’t even know when Father’s Day, some don’t even know that it exists.


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