Hilary Clinton’s Two Million Twitter Followers And Tens Of Thousands Of Facebook Fans Found To Be Fake


Until now we knew Hilary Clinton as a woman who gets drunk, indulges in bad-mouthing, has no control over her emotions, can’t even run her house, and breaks federal law. But now we also know that she is a liar. Hilary Clinton’s state department buying Facebook ‘likes’ is nothing new, and now according to two separate audit tools, 2 million of Hilary Clinton’s Twitter followers have been found to be fake. All of these lies and deceit have been used by Hilary Clinton to propel her image of a leader.

How is someone caught red-handed indulging in an unethical practice supposed to take a position that requires honesty and integrity? Not to mention the fact that she does not have an iota of leadership skills.

Now that Hilary Clinton is all set to run for 2016 presidential elections, the only reason why she should win is because she is a women, according to her supporters. For someone who is a prospective candidate to run a country, all that matters is her gender. This is how shallow her campaign is.

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