What Women Need To Learn On International Women’s Day

International Women's Day

How would it feel if women were the ones under obligation to earn, and not men? What would we think if there were special quotas for men in companies and the political arena? How would it be if women had to leave their seats for men, and seats on public transport were reserved for men? How would it appear if lifeboats were reserved for men? How would it feel if news readers announced the deaths of ‘men and children’ on every channel? How would we react if all the world’s most dangerous jobs were worked by women? How would it have come across if, after the Titanic wreck, it was announced ‘men and children first’. Can we imagine armies consisting of women only, whose dead bodies would be returned from war daily, torn to shreds? How would it feel if women had to pay alimony and child support? How would it be if, instead of men, it was women taking their own lives due to financial, economic, and marital stress? – It is certain that we would never hear the end of it.

8th March is celebrated as ‘International Women’s Day’ all over the world. Below are a few key points, which, if followed, can result in matrimonial bliss, and reduce the skyrocketing divorce rates all over the world.

This Women’s Day, women must learn to be grateful to their husbands. A man suffers from extreme anxiety and distress to put food on the table, add to it the apathetic attitude of wives, who know that they are under no obligation to earn, while they needlessly and endlessly nag their husbands over financial matters, habits, expect perfection, clearly knowing that they are not perfect themselves. Women must stop belittling men and be grateful for their painstaking efforts.

This Women’s Day, women must learn to respect men for who they are, and not what they have. Women (and their parents) should stop behaving like gold diggers. Even in matrimonial advertisements, only those men are desired who earn a fabulous salary, have a house and a car, and questions from in-laws also target men’s bank accounts, reemphasizing societal norms which have turned men into ATMs and financial slaves. Women should realize that men are not money-earning machines, and show men the respect that they richly deserve.

This Women’s Day, women must learn to treat men like human beings. At the present moment, domestic violence against men (here and here) and false accusations (here and here) are rising like their is no tomorrow. Women indulge in what is known as ‘legal terrorism’. Men are abused at home, and by the deliberate misuse of the law. Women should treat men like human beings, not objects to be toyed with. Men have the same feelings and emotions as women. Men are human beings too.

This Women’s Day, women should learn that motherhood is a full-time job. Simply having children and then dumping them in day care centres while women go to work in a frivolous pursuit of gender equality does no one any good, least of all children, who are forced to grow up without learning values and morals, resulting in ruined childhoods following malignant feminist theories. Motherhood is a woman’s job, and the most important job in the world. It requires a ton of time in nurturing and caring, which cannot be substituted in a day care centre.

We can never achieve gender equality until the feminist movement gets rid of all the hypocrisy, double standards, and hatred for men. It is all the more evident in the fact that ‘International Men’s Day’, on November 19, is rarely talked about or celebrated. I am not sure most people even know it exists.

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