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Vocabulary Development and the Cyber Age

The stale, musty-sweet smell of the pages of my tattered Oxford Learner’s Dictionary fills up my memories of not so long ago whenever I used to embark on the quest of finding and exploring new words; learning about its etymology; wondering how would I use it in a sentence; feeling a joyous, chest-swelling thrill whenever […]

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How to reprogram your subconscious and clear misconceptions

The brain of a human being is a very powerful weapon. The sharper you make it, the sharper it gets just like a blade and if you don’t use it or sharp it, you’ll get it rusted. Now, Imagine or consider yourself as a student, who studies in a class with the same bunch of […]

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blogging vs journalism

Blogging vs Journalism: Talat Hussain thinks Bloggers are not Journalists

Social Media is abuzz on a statement by famous TV anchor cum journalist, Talat Hussain. The veteran journalist thinks quite low of the bloggers and has high plans for how the social media, especially Twitter, should be used. Talat refers to bloggers as groups who have angled themselves as journalists, while they are not. He […]

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Books Never Written

Books Never Written

Dragons, angels, gnomes, creatures beneath the earth that make words with hammers, a shooting star that shoots back, rain falling from the ground to the sky, bars that refuse to serve dwarfs or wanderers, a fountain that makes you young (and lonely) while those around you grow old, saplings that know everything, a sea made […]

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bot comments on chowrangi -small

Spam Comments against Improvised Explosive Devices

Spam comments are part and parcel of a community driven web presence. Spam could be generated by the bots or human spammers, and usually webmasters / content managers and editors take them in stride, weeding out as they come. However, sometimes these spammers are driven by a purpose. They may be lobbying for an entity, […]

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march 8 women day

Substituting the Word ‘Female’ for ‘Women’

I have started to see the word women being used instead of female in newspapers and blogs. The reason is because feminists think it is degrading to use the word female. Hence, we have women drivers, women authors, women workers, etc. Now consider the following words and tell me if they sound right. Man driver, […]

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Why do women comment less than men on blogs?

I’m not saying that men comment a lot. Obviously, looking at the comment to views ratio on blogs,…

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What is Blogging and why it is becoming futile by the day

What does it take to be a blogging genius? Interesting content, good usage of the English langua…

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Why I Blog at Chowrangi!

When people visit a blog, they want something that is interesting, something different. If it doe…

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Appreciation For Bloggers

One thing that I have not been able to understand is, why are readers so miserly when it comes to…

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