Cyber media Vs Print Media of Pakistan: A war within

Cyber Media Vs Print MediaMedia in Pakistan has grown after mushrooming of private TV channels and we have seen number of journalists becoming analysts, hosts and opinion-makers, making and breaking public image of their followers. On the other hand, cyber space has been getting populated in our country since last few years as people started to get into blogging and making their mark by commenting and participating in discussions. The word “Breaking news” remains the hero of print, cyber or electronic media. A race to break the news sometimes distorts the ethics of journalism but as they say “jo dikhta hai wo bikta hai”, so it has become an industry now. Columnists like Hamid Mir, Ansar Abbasi, Shahid Masood, Talat Hussain, Javed Chauhdary, Nazir Naji, Rauf Klasra and many others got recognition and fame from electronic media. Cyber Media has also started to developed readership of die-hard followers, reading and commenting on blogs and websites. Thus, the world of news and journalism modernized at very high-speed.

Recently, a flame war has started by as it is exposing known journalists on various corruption issues. It has published documentary evidences about Rauf Klasra, Nazir Naji, and Muhammad Malick The stories are rather investigative including media advertisements and attached documentary proofs while the writing and reporting style resembles the (in)famous Ansar Abbasi, as he is quite popular these days for his investigative and inside stories. However, the identity of the author of these “reports” is not revealed on the web site.

These corruption stories against journalist are grabbing whole lot of attention and hundreds of responses are pouring in. Most of the commentators clearing taking sides, verbally flogging some of the journalists and naming the likes of Ansar Abbasi, the crusader of Pakistan. The web site has also been promoted by some columnists in their columns especially Dr. Shahid Masood.

Mr. Rauf klasra and Haroon Rasheed after getting scandalized by the web site could not resist responding in their columns published in Jang on 26 and 28th July. Cyber media influence may be the reason for quick response. There is also an audio recording of a phone call by Ahmad Noorani made to senior columnist Nazir Naji inquiring about the allotment of plot to him. In response to which Nazir Naji called him back and abused.

What could be the reason of such a furious allegation based stories. The admin of the site could be from media hiding his name and exposing his foes as it is easy to disguise on web. So, who can be behind this alleged “crusade”, here are some interesting theories:

– Could it be Ansar Abbasi / Shahid Masood / Shaheen Sehbai behind this? Sehbai has experience of doing cloak-and-dagger stories which he pubilshed in his web-based magazine after taking self exile in Musharraf’s regime. Ansar Abbasi seems to be a man with a mission, while Dr. Shahid Masood is apparently a tool in the hands of the powers-to-be.
– Ironically, all the jounralists targeted so far works with Jang/News/GEO. It may be an attempt by elements that are unhappy with Jang Group’s attitude and trying to get even by counter propaganda.
– It could be pro-Musharraf group trying to disrepute those who write against Pervez Musharraf.

While the identitiy of whistle-blower is not disclosed, we can wonder;

Is it a war within journalists by the journalists against the journalist?

5 thoughts on “Cyber media Vs Print Media of Pakistan: A war within”

  1. Very true Media has playing a vital role in the current circumstances in Pakistan.But internet technology has changed trend toward blogging and other internet applications.

  2. No doubt this website has been launched by the mercenaries paid by the media-enemies. all of the journalista who r being defamed r honest people.
    Nazik Jatoi

  3. I think the e-media in Pakistan is going through the transition phase that from immaturtiy to maturity, so one can regard these as the phases until it gets itself to to a stage where it used for constructive purposes ONLY and not as a tool to blackmail anyone. So keep an eye on these!!!


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