Why do women comment less than men on blogs?

I’m not saying that men comment a lot. Obviously, looking at the comment to views ratio on blogs, it is obvious that most readers have something against commenting. However, out of the very few who do comment, why do they mostly consist of men?

Going by the fact that women tend to talk a lot more than men, it is surprising to see women not raising an opinion in the comments section. Maybe they like to keep their opinions among women only, not wanting “strange” men to read their thoughts.

Women are generally more polite and sometimes don’t comment to avoid getting into an argument whereas some men comment aimlessly and senselessly. However, it does little to the fact that women are miserly when it comes to commenting.

It will be interesting to see who comments more to this post. Maybe women will prove me wrong after all!

14 thoughts on “Why do women comment less than men on blogs?”

  1. @confused

    You are quite observant but What you are expecting is impossible……..:)


    You have a habit to drag every one in discussion while sticking to your opinion whether right or not. After all it’s hard to survive in men’s world.

  2. @ yusha,

    what i really want to say that you have offended hina, but not knowing about that! even if you don’t know about that saying sorry will soothe her emtion.

  3. Women are cagier than men. Blogging is putting your thoughts on permanent public record, and since most women tend to be more fluid in their interpretation of “truth,” they hesitate to commit. They also don’t want to let slip what they really feel; if a man were able to step into a woman’s mind and really know for certain some of the things she knew about men, he would probably burst into flames.


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