Substituting the Word ‘Female’ for ‘Women’

march 8 women dayI have started to see the word women being used instead of female in newspapers and blogs. The reason is because feminists think it is degrading to use the word female. Hence, we have women drivers, women authors, women workers, etc.

Now consider the following words and tell me if they sound right. Man driver, man cop, man worker, man cricketer. Not only do they sound wrong but ridiculous. However, saying female blogger, female author, female worker, female cricketer, etc, suddenly happens to be misogyny according to feminists.

For starters, there is nothing wrong with using the word female. Female writers, female players, female bloggers, etc. Secondly, what else are we going to change just because it is degrading to feminists. Should we stop writing on multi-author blogs because such blogs are supposedly male dominated, or should we stop playing cricket, since the interest taken in cricket is due to male cricketers?

I would like to point out that while substituting the word female for women, many writers (even in newspapers) are doing it regardless of the sentence that it is being used in. There does not seem to be a difference in the usage of women and women’s. i.e. women cricket team instead of women‘s cricket team, international women day instead of international women‘s day, etc. There are many such examples out there. I would also like to add that such errors might be okay on blogs, but it shouldn’t be happening in newspapers.

At the end, I must say that this post is not meant to preach anything as I am just sharing a thought, acknowledging the fact that I am not perfect.

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  1. I am not aware of any such propaganda by feminists (or anyone else), but if true, this is just out-right ridiculous. Definitely started by someone who had nothing better to do pass his/her time.


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