Battle Royale – V

Alfred Hitchcock once said, “There is no terror in a bang, only in the anticipation of it”. Alfred Hitchcock had never witnessed the anticipation or the bang of an Indo-Pak cricket match. A match that lasts approx 8-hours, is played between 22 players but directly or indirectly affects nearly 1/6th … Read more

…and now, it is ParanoidISTAN

Of late, the western media has developed a liking to christening Pakistan with catchy labels, and Pakistan seems to be more than happy to oblige. First it was Slakistan (a slack country because of its slack governance), then Darkistan (thanks to the mismanagement of electricity) and of course the highly … Read more

Afro-Asian Nations defeat Howard by 6 wickets

I read about it yesterday and smiled, but the headlines in today’s ‘The AGE’ (one of Australia’s most popular newspaper) made me beam from ear to ear. Cricket World HUMILIATES former PM Yup, the emphasis on ‘Humiliates’ is intentional. Because that is exactly what it was, UTTER HUMILIATION. And rightly … Read more