Why is Pakistan in the Top 10 FSI list again?

Once again, for the fourth time in the last five years, Pakistan has figured in the list of the TOP 10 FAILED STATES amongst 177 countries in the world.

The rankings achieved by Pakistan over the past half a decade in the Failed States Index (FSI) are as follows:

2006 – Rank 9

2007 – Rank 12

2008 – Rank 9

2009 – Rank 10

2010 – Rank 10

failed states indexThe Failed States Index (FSI) is an annual report published by a collaboration between Foreign Policy (a premier, award-winning magazine of global politics, economics, and ideas) and The Fund for Peace (a nonprofit research and educational organization). The index’s ranks are based on twelve indicators of state vulnerability – four social, two economic and six political. They are meant to measure a state’s vulnerability to collapse or conflict.

Not surprisingly, 7 out of the Top 10 countries in the list are from the African continent and any comparison with those countries would be pointless. However, what is shocking is that Pakistan has actually fared worse than war-torn Asian countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq in some of the parameters such as Group Grievance, Human Flight, Uneven Development and Security Apparatus. To add to that, it has also fared worse than North Korea (19th) and Iran (32nd) (two countries which are currently facing Human Rights crisis and Economic Sanctions) and Bangladesh (24th), Sri Lanka (25th) and Nepal (26th) (countries in the neighborhood, much smaller economically and having fewer resources). The analysis can go on and on but the results are there for all to see.

I won’t be surprised if the media hasn’t reported about this and the government doesn’t do anything about it but to the common educated people this information is readily available. Question is, What, if at all anything, is anyone doing about it?

7 thoughts on “Why is Pakistan in the Top 10 FSI list again?”

  1. Excellent article.

    The answer is very simple. First off, all Pakistanis ever do is blame. Blame the army, blame leaders, blame location, blame whatever they can find, without ever accepting the fact that the problem is within themselves. Unless you see and accept the problem, you won’t work towards the solution

    Leaders are corrupt everywhere, including India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, etc. But people in developing countries work hard, especially in India, instead of blaming leaders all the time. Blaming leaders is the favourite pastime of many Pakistani bloggers.

    Another thing is the extremist mindset. The way I view Pakistanis changed quite a bit when I saw how Salman Taseer’s killer, a sick, twisted, and demented lunatic, was garlanded with flowers. Furthermore, look at the number of people who blow themselves up like there is no tomorrow. This may be due to lack of education, but then, there is lack of education everywhere. Why is it that it is only Pakistan that produces lunatics?

    Pakistanis also like to find excuses for their failures. After Pakistan’s exit from the World Cup, no one said that Pakistan did not play well. All the blame was laid on match-fixing. More excuses, more blaming. And yes, finger-pointing as well. Watch Bollywood movies, follow Indian traditions, copy Indian customs, then blame India.

    India and Pakistan were separated and gained independence at the same time. Look at where India is and look at where Pakistan is.

  2. Pakistan is a nation in trouble. It is in prominence only because of its strategic location near Afganistan and China. The US will use Pakistan and spit it out once its purpose is served. It is time we realize this and focus on our own country rather than worry about fighting someone else’s war.

  3. I think these reports are motivated to weaken nation’s moral and to privide justification for future international action or sanctions. Saying that, we have all ill symptons such as corruption, cheating and injustice.


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