Ijaz Butt and the Mockery of Pakistan Cricket

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In how many ways can a sane, educated person, with a very basic knowledge of English, interpret the following statements:

“I don’t see our players or teams taking part in the Champions League this year.”

“Our future participation in the IPL and Champions League remains undecided but this year atleast we are not taking part in either event.”

The PCB Chairman, Ijaz Butt, is apparently under the impression that the digital age is still a few decades away, and that allows him to refute any statement that he made only 3 months ago. His latest statement is,

“I did not say that our domestic teams would not go to the Champions League. Why would I deprive them of that opportunity? My comments were misinterpreted.”

Well Mr. Butt, only you can answer as to why did you deprive your teams of the opportunity to compete in the most lucrative, competitive and elite global club tournament in cricket. And I would love to hear a different commonsensical interpretation of your statements made in Feb 2010.

The PCB, over the last few years, has axed and changed Selectors, Players, Captains, Coaches, Managers and the lot at such a rate that it is difficult to keep count. It’s about time the country gets rid of the PCB Chairman who has done great harm to the image of Pakistan within the cricketing world.

Look at the ways in which Mr. Butt has made a mockery of Pakistan cricket:

Administration Mishaps:

  • Javed Miandad appointed as Director General of PCB, resigns in a few months over differences with Ijaz Butt, only to be re-instated after 2 months.
  • Aamir Sohail appointed Director of NCA, resigns within 8 months.
  • Abdul Qadir appointed as Chief Selector, resigns within 7 months.

Don’t even start counting the Players, Coaches and Captains.

False Promises

The Sri Lankan cricket team, after being promised Presidential Level Security is left for the dogs on the cross-roads of Lahore, thanks to organizational  negligence. Now, which president would have been treated that way?

False Claims

Butt’s infamous claim after the attack on SL team that international teams will be back in Pak within 6 months. Going by the current scenario, that doesn’t seem to happen even within the next 6 years.

Farcical Handling of dispute over WC 2011

  • Insisted on Pakistan hosting the World Cup, despite being fully aware of the security situation.
  • A suggestion for Dubai and Abu Dhabi to serve as alternate venues was belatedly and half-heartedly floated.
  • Launched and then withdrew a legal attack on the ICC.
  • Propagated the notion that the complete Indian sub-continent is unsafe for WC 2011 and suggested moving it to Aus/NZ.

Thanks to the last 2 points, he won $18 Million for Pak but lost the 2 last remaining friends in the cricketing world (SLC & BCCI).

Mockery of Bans, Fines and Punishments

  • A player who embarrasses the country on camera, is made captain.
  • Bans and fines are handed left, right and center with belated or no explanation at all.
  • Some are then revoked, some are offered the option of revoking after a written apology (like with the kids in primary schools), some end in retirements and some in law suits.
  • More axing and changing of officials…

PHEW!!!…Hard to believe that the people of Pakistan are bind to all this.

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