Ads that Add up

Off late I’ve seen a few Indo-Pak ads and realised how big a role a simple 90 second clip can play in changing the perception of people towards each other.

The first clip (and I believe it’s quite popular by now) is about a few Indian and Pak citizens playing Dumb Shiraz across the border.

The 2nd one in an MTV ad depicting a Pak Army officer humming to the tune of ‘Saare Jahaan Se Achcha Hindostan Humaara’. Kudos to the makers of this ad to produce something so simple yet strong, without offending anyone. What’s more, the ad ends up ful-filling its prime purpose of brand promotion as well.

Finally, there is the old Airtel ad with A R Rehman’s background score and 2 children playing across a border. While it does not clearly depict it as the Indo-Pak border, the message is loud and clear.

If you search on youtube for Indo Pak hatred ads, you are sure to find hundreds, if not thousands. But just these 3 ads show that they can play and equally effective role in influencing millions.

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