Nasir Jamshed, another Pakistan cricketer caught red-handed

Pakistan Cricketers

The times don’t seem auspicious for Pakistan cricketers. And its not only to do with their poor form, in-team disputes, disharmony, mudslinging, bans, fines, reprimands etc etc etc. It’s high time someone spells out to them to refrain from any felonies.

First we had the infamous ball-biting act by Shahid Afridi. Not only was he dumb enough to do it on live television in front of 26 cameras, but to make himself look stupider, he gave a lame excuse that he was trying to smell the ball. Now you don’t need to do your Masters in Biology to know that in normal humans the smell receptors are located inside the nostrils and not on the teeth.

Then, of course, we have the on-going marriage saga of Shoaib Malik. For long Shoaib continuously denied that he was ever married to Ayesha Siddiqi. However, after the Siddiqui family went public with the nikahnama, with Shoaib’s signature on it, he has now changed his version saying he was tricked into the marriage. Hmmm…it sounds like an acceptable argument if it comes from an illiterate villager. But from an educated national cricketer?? Wonder how many educated urban Pakistani men would consider marrying a girl over the phone without ever meeting her.

And now, we have the Pakistan national cricket team’s 20 year old opening batsman Nasir Jamshed, who has landed up in police custody after being caught red handed cheating in his secondary school (Class 9th) examinations!!! But keeping up with his compatriot’s trend of offering lame excuses, Nasir said, “In the first place I was not appearing in the English paper my friends were appearing in it and I was there helping them.” Err…first of all, that would also be considered as a misdemeanor, but more importantly, it will be interesting to see how Nasir explains that his Roll No. 105268, was on one of the papers if he wasn’t supposed to appear for the English exam which apparently was compulsory.

After Afridi’s ball-biting incident, Ramiz Raja admitted that ball-tampering was a part of Pakistan culture. Well Ramiz, you can surely add a few more misdeeds to the list.

6 thoughts on “Nasir Jamshed, another Pakistan cricketer caught red-handed”

  1. Dear Maddie,
    This is so easy to point out others… lets all of us work out on ourself! Only dat way can brng a positive change! 🙂

  2. What caught my eye – 20 Year old, Class 9, Cheating.
    Gawd! Bad enough having cheating cricketers, but overgrown louts that are still struggling to get out of school …man that takes the biscuit.

  3. When you go from 5 day cricket to 20 overs character doesn’t matter anymore. Cricket has crossed over to entertainment, salaries will go up, fans will be abused and arrogance will prevail. A sad future but it’s not far off.

  4. @Misha

    You are right when you say that everyone tends not to expose their own mistakes. If a school-going boy from rural town near Lahore bites a cricket ball during a gully-cricket match, it won’t make the news. If a villager marries a girl and then denies ever doing it, it won’t be a big deal for the media. And a number of students indulge in resorting to unfair means during examinations.

    However, the case here is different. National players are also role-models, especially in cricket-loving nations like India and Pak. By committing such acts, and then foolishly denying them, what inspiration are these so-called ‘Role Models’ giving to the younger generation who looks up to them and wants to be like them?


    I would love to say that I agree with you, but unfortunately my friend, no coach in the world can train one to behave with Dignity and practise Honesty. These are things one picks up from the way they are brought up and the company they keep in their personal and professional life.

    This is a very disturbing trend and such incidents continue to further tarnish Pak’s image. I am not a Pakistani but I do not think that the people in Pak fully appreciate the damage caused by their ineffectiveness to prevent or punish those responsible for such acts.

    These issues need to be addressed at grass-root levels.

  5. i wOnder y dunt v support our people our nation! makin issues of non-issues stuff is very lame! i think like da way v dunt expose our mistakes v shud also ignore lillte thngs of our people! Diz my point of view!


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