The Feminist Movement

Feminists are doing nothing but spreading lies and hatred about men, increasing divorce rates, supporting abortion, and breaking families. Feminism isn’t about equal rights. It’s about superiority of women over men.

A woman cannot change a tyre without the help of a man and she is ready to preach equality. See any construction site and a woman will be holding a flag with men doing all the heavy work. If a thief breaks into a house, a man is not going to punch the thief once and then step aside, asking his mother, sister, or daughter to take over in the name of equality. I can give more examples but it will not make any sense to feminists. The fact is, all research, whether in biology or psychology, points to the fact that men and women are completely different.

If a woman gets married, after giving birth to the first child, is she going to ask her husband to give birth to the second? Actually, this can only happen if a feminist actually gets married. A lot of feminists stay single, and many become lesbians.

On a different note, the number of rapes are on an all time high. I read about it in the papers daily. Along with it, I also read how girls who get raped were returning home alone after midnight, or how 14 year old girls take autorickshaws on their own, and get driven to remote places where they are raped.

If I said that they should be with a male relative or they shouldn’t be out alone, then I would be accused of being a mullah. However, people are miles away from religion. Even Muslim girls, religious ones, can be seen talking about equality, just as Muslim girls can be seen wearing a headscarf with tight clothing. Everything from A to Z is influenced by the West.

women play rugbywomen wrestlewomen lift weights

Look at the above pictures. Would you like your mother, sister, or daughter to play rugby, wrestle, or indulge in weight-lifting? The answer is no. However, since there has to be equality, it doesn’t matter what women do, as long as equality is being achieved, where women try their best to be men. Of course, they can play badminton, table tennis, etc, but then, only a male chauvinist pig like myself can promote that, not a decent human being who cares about women.

The feminist movement has also created changes in the English language. Every word that begins or ends with man is replaced. e.g. chairman is now chairperson, man of the match has become player of the match, firefighter has replaced fireman; there are countless examples out there. If all that is not enough, the word female is now replaced with women.

Women need to come to reality. In movies, a woman can lead an army, be an awesome politician, and beat many men single handedly. In reality, female soldiers like Jessica Lynch are raped, and many female soldiers are raped by their own colleagues. Men are supposed to go in the military to defend women, but the equality obsessed world sends women to defend men.

In Islam, a woman’s place is the home and her duty is towards her husband. Westerners who point fingers at Islam have not read the Bible, because Christianity preaches the same thing, For some reason, being a housewife (or should I say homemaker?) is degrading to feminists. They obviously don’t know that a woman is the queen of her house, and there is nothing more dignified than motherhood.

6 thoughts on “The Feminist Movement”

  1. do not know Islam.
    In Islam a woman is free to pursue a career and is not obliged to cook or clean for her husband.

  2. why do men leave their seats for women?….because women are INFERIOIR…hahahahaha…. want to know how I got these scars?

  3. i agree wd zunaid bt writer has got some point….. islam would definitly nt allow such exposure of women as in playin rugby and wrestling… in Pak women r takin it in a wrong sense…actually islam has provided equal human, political and economical rights to women…but regarding difference in their mental nd physical capabilities, socialy they r given diff status
    women should knw how to defend them as they r getin educated.. doin jobs.. bt should nt b overconfident abt it to think home as cage…

  4. u fools live in pakistan.
    so ur thinking level is so low.
    women must know how struggle… no man is going to stay with her 24×7.
    for changing a tyre, a man can’t do this alone… he also takes help of other…. wht’s wrong if a woman takes help of any one…….. what will happen when a thief enters ur house when u r away and ur mother n sisters dont know how to handle?????
    they too must be equalll


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