Another innocent girl raped in Pakistan

girl raped in sheikhupura Pakistan

March 24, 2012… Another innocent girl raped… Two policemen among five gang-raped a college student in Sheikhupura… What a shame. According to the police, the incident took place when a student of college was returning home accompanied by her cousin from coaching centre. Policemen stopped them, confiscating mobile phones and … Read more

The Feminist Movement

Feminists are doing nothing but spreading lies and hatred about men, increasing divorce rates, supporting abortion, and breaking families. Feminism isn’t about equal rights. It’s about superiority of women over men. A woman cannot change a tyre without the help of a man and she is ready to preach equality. … Read more

Kill all women!

rape women

Three recent incidents prove that as far as women are concerned, we’re still living in the Stone Age. The first, about a woman being gang-raped, should not shock us anymore. This is the kind of incident that happens regularly, so much so that it would be shocking if it didn’t … Read more