Women postponing Marriage for Career and Enormous Amounts of Money spent on Weddings

There are many women in the subcontinent who, in order to have a career, postpone marriage until it becomes too late. No one wants to marry a woman over thirty, or even in her late twenties. No one is stopping women from having a career, and they can surely continue … Read more

The Feminist Movement

Feminists are doing nothing but spreading lies and hatred about men, increasing divorce rates, supporting abortion, and breaking families. Feminism isn’t about equal rights. It’s about superiority of women over men. A woman cannot change a tyre without the help of a man and she is ready to preach equality. … Read more

Substituting the Word ‘Female’ for ‘Women’

march 8 women day

I have started to see the word women being used instead of female in newspapers and blogs. The reason is because feminists think it is degrading to use the word female. Hence, we have women drivers, women authors, women workers, etc. Now consider the following words and tell me if … Read more