Headscarf with Tight Clothing

The word hijab means to veil so, in my opinion, the face veil should be called a hijab. The burqa could also be called a hijab since it veils the entire body. However, why is the headscarf called a hijab?

Some girls wear the headscarf and along with it, tight pants and tight jeans. I am not trying to lecture girls about what they should wear. What they wear (or don’t wear!) is up to them. All I’m saying is that if a girl wants to wear tight clothes, she must not wear the headscarf. This is simply insulting the headscarf and Islam.

Some girls roam around with guys, including those who dress decently and wear a headscarf. They make a joke of themselves and the headscarf, making people wonder why they chose to wear the headscarf in the first place.

Some parents force their daughters to wear the headscarf. There is no such thing as force in Islam and more importantly, force doesn’t work. When a lot of girls go to school, they leave their house with the headscarf on and the moment they are outside, they take it off. After school finishes and they are about to enter the house, they put it back on.

Some girls who are forced don’t take the headscarf off and hang out with guys and/or wear tight clothes. The blame goes to parents for forcing their daughters to wear the headscarf. I’m surprised parents pay so much attention to the headscarf and not to the way their daughter dresses up. These parents have obviously not understood that it is more important for a girl to dress decently than cover her hair.

Not all girls are forced though. Many choose to wear the headscarf but they don’t have enough common sense to know that it is more important to cover the body than their hair so they must not wear tight clothing with it, and if they do, then they should not wear a headscarf.

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  1. Hi, Kashif: I’m with you on the chaos that the social changes in the west have engendered, and I tell you, brother, that I don’t wish it on anyone, but I don’t see how it can be averted once women are “freed” by birth control. Girls with religion remain a good bet.

    I wouldn’t worry about mockers too much; no one pleases everyone, and mockers are jerks, anyway. Be yourself, trust your feelings. You’re a good guy, and I think you know it.

    Frankly, a savvy Mullah could answer such a question better than I. People are the Mullahs’ business, and you can bet that some of them have been thinking hard about what’s going on with Pakistan and Islam and how to deal with it, far better than I could in your context. I hope that’s some help.

  2. @ JKS with respect…….We would like to see this social change in other aspects not in hypocrisy which has become order of the day. No one should be forced to have a dress code. The mindset should be transformed by more effort and training. Its a chaos otherwise. No matter its east or west. I don’t want to go in statistics and details how much torment “such social changes” have brought in west already. If people here just want to copy the negative traits of west that let it be.

    By this I don’t mean all evil or or good exists in west and east respectively.

    Compromising ideologies or cultural identity just tag a person as a fool or a clown outta hell and nothing else. A piece of entertainment for others to mock and laugh at. Is it not the case?

  3. @General Khan: Well, HI, how have you been? Yes, jeans are just about world-wide now, tough and durable, and you can get loose fitting ones for the conservatives.

    You mean “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone?” or “Mind your own business?” I totally agree.

    @Kashif: No, sorry, my music favorites probably are older than you are, but I get your thought. You’re watching a major social change and don’t like a lot of it. I didn’t either, but I survived it here, and am really pretty darn happy, at 59. There are lots of girls who think like you do, too. Have Faith. 🙂

  4. lets just all walk around butt naked…….through time we will evolve and grow fur

    Darwin would never hurt us by lying would he


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