Elections 2013: PPP announced candidates for Provincial and National Assembly Seats in Sindh

Qaim Ali Shah President PPP Sindh

Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) officially announced the candidates contesting for most of the national and provincial assembly seats in Sindh. Former Sindh Chief Minister Syed Qaim Ali Shah, who is also PPP president of Sindh chapter, revealed the final list of party candidates for the May 11 election at a … Read more

Justice (retd) Zahid Qurban Alvi the Caretaker Chief Minister Sindh.

Justice (retd) Zahid Qurban Alvi the Caretaker Chief Minister Sindh.

Justice (retd) Zahid Qurban Alvi took oath as Caretaker Chief Minister Sindh. MQM had presented five nominees for Sindh caretaker chief minister. The names included Muneeb Ahmad Khan, Justice (retd) Ghaux Muhammad, Habibur Rehman, Nasir Aslam Zahid and Mehmood Alam Rizvi. While Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) nominated Justice (retd) Deedar … Read more

Ban on Shisha Smoking in Sindh

Sheesha Smoking ban in Karachi Sindh

The Deputy Commissioners of all five districts of Karachi have been directed to launch a crackdown campaign against places offering shisha smoking from today by Karachi Commissioner Roshan Ali Shaikh. This is in compliance with Sindh Home department’s imposition of Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code banning shisha smoking/selling … Read more

How Can We Get Rid of Our Feudal Lords?

Save me from the Feudal of Pakistan

Feudal lords were created by the “Gora Sab“, the British rulers. I will not call these landlord groups the real culprits, or blood suckers, because there is a history behind giving them powers by the British rulers, that’s the way they were ruling the people and collecting the land revenue … Read more

Misery and Havoc Wreaked By Pakistan Floods in 2011

– 5,800,000 people have been displaced due to the rains and floods (that’s about 65% of the population of New York City or twice the population of Chicago) – 1,200,000 homes have been devastated – 31,000 villages destroyed – 5,300,000 acres of land has been damaged (that’s an area bigger … Read more

Donation links and relief resources for Pakistan Flood 2011

Pakistan is once again hit by severe floods, this time caused by torrential rains in Sindh. Already, some 5.3 million people have been affected, 1.2 million homes swept away, over 1.5 million acres of crops destroyed and over 250,000 people are now reported by the Sindh government to be displaced, … Read more

Chinese language in Schools of Sindh from 2013

Chinese Language

In Pakistan educational system has always been under criticism as it needs a lot of improvement as far as the curriculum and standard of education in government schools are concerned. It is a major divide that every province has different curriculum and many regional languages. Students had to learn three … Read more

MQM and the Muhajir Myths

MQM Flag

MQM, founded as Muhajir Qaumi Movement, is now known as Muttahida Qaumi Movement. The change in name came after its decision to join national level politics as a main stream party. When MQM went through this shift it was assumed, and appreciated by many circles, that MQM has stripped out … Read more

Battle Royale – V

Alfred Hitchcock once said, “There is no terror in a bang, only in the anticipation of it”. Alfred Hitchcock had never witnessed the anticipation or the bang of an Indo-Pak cricket match. A match that lasts approx 8-hours, is played between 22 players but directly or indirectly affects nearly 1/6th … Read more

Zardari Out for Fishing!!!!!!

So finally PPP under President Zardari has taken the strategic decision feared by so many within their ranks. The recent meeting between Law Minister Babar Awan and PML-Q Chief Pervez Elahi and the followed session in front of media made it crystal clear that PPP under Zardari has rolled out … Read more