Ban on Shisha Smoking in Sindh

The Deputy Commissioners of all five districts of Karachi have been directed to launch a crackdown campaign against places offering shisha smoking from today by Karachi Commissioner Roshan Ali Shaikh. This is in compliance with Sindh Home department’s imposition of Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code banning shisha smoking/selling across the province for two months.

The ban came following a resolution, which was adopted by the Sindh Assembly in May last year. Sindh government has already banned the sale of Gutka in the province.

Shisha smoking has turn out to be a craze among youngsters irrespective of gender and even age in past few years. It is a flourishing business in different parts of the city where smoking joints have been offering up to 100+ flavors to the smokers of modernize hookah. Shisha is undoubtedly a status symbol these days.

People don’t realize the fact that shisha smoking is as injurious to health as smoking cigarette or tobacco. Even those who realize the hazardous effects of it believe that “Shisha kills but thrills“.

Sheesha Smoking ban in Karachi Sindh

According to an advertisement in news papers by Sindh Government Shisha Smoking is a crime and the violators under PPC 188 will have to suffer 6 month imprisonment. The ad urges public to report a restaurant or cafe serving Shisha at these numbers.

• Commissioner Karachi- 99205639

• DC Central- 36966510

• DC South- 99206338

• DC East- 99230918

• DC West- 32594692

• DC Malir- 35001305

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  1. sir may i know ka ap na kabi koi action lea or kes had tak shisha smoking control hove i am doing research on shisha smoking so kindly if u provide me latest statistic related to that ………


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