Misery and Havoc Wreaked By Pakistan Floods in 2011

Pakistan Floods 2011

– 5,800,000 people have been displaced due to the rains and floods (that’s about 65% of the population of New York City or twice the population of Chicago)
– 1,200,000 homes have been devastated
– 31,000 villages destroyed
– 5,300,000 acres of land has been damaged (that’s an area bigger than the state of Connecticut)
– 2,200,000 acres of crops has been wiped out
– 425,000 people have been provided space make-shift camps – the remaining remain in the open without a roof
– 252 people have lost their lives, 604 people have been injured

(Source: NDMA)

Pictures below show the result of current rains and floods.

You can contribute your share in providing rescue, relief and rehabilitation to the people affected from Pakistan Floods 2011. Please visit this page for donation links and relief resources.

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  1. In this situation, we should not critisie our leaders but we must need Unity. Its my request to all Pakistani that we should care others and create the peace and unity by our behaviour and attititudes.


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