Gender Pay Gap Is Non-Existent And The Myth Should Be Dispelled

Gender pay gap in USA

Since decades, feminists have been oppressing women to join the workforce who were otherwise very happy in the comfort, peace, and security of their homes. Feminists have taken away women’s choice of work inside or outside the home through systematic and strategic brainwashing. Still not satisfied, the modus operandi of … Read more

Crying Over One Malala Yousufzai

U.S. terrorism against Iraq in the 90s in the form of sanctions killed well over 500,000 Iraqi children. And that does not include the thousands of children blown to pieces in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Panama, Somalia, etc. See the videos below on how U.S. terrorists think that … Read more

Pakistan Set Guinness World Record As 42,813 Sing National Anthem

The record was claimed at the opening ceremony of Punjab Youth Festival, 2012. It took place at the National Hockey Stadium in Lahore. While organizers claimed that 70,000 people sung the national anthem together, a Guinness World Record representative has claimed that the figure is 42,813. Regardless of the figure, … Read more