Israel Breaks Truce And Relentlessly Bombs Gaza

Israel breaks truce on Gaza Palestine

A ceasefire agreed upon by both sides was broken by Israel as it continued shelling Gaza, despite international pressure to end the oppression. Protests have broken out in many Muslim countries to end the brutality, as Israel, widely regarded a war criminal, continues to bomb Palestinian civilians. As of now, over 1600 Palestinians are dead and 9000 injured.

1.8 million Palestinians in the Gaza strip are living in constant fear of death, not knowing when they would be killed, as no place in Gaza is safe anymore. Everything is being bombed, including homes, schools, hospitals, refugee camps, market places, you name it. Palestinians are enduring sleepless nights, not just because of lack of electricity as the only power plant in Gaza was bombed, but due to fear, not knowing at which moment a shell would drop on them.

The death toll is constantly rising, and so are the number of critically injured who remain unattended as hospitals are overflowing with wounded patients. Frantic searches are taking place as bodies are being discovered under rubbles that once used to be homes, and to add to their woes, Palestinians have been hit with joblessness and poverty, and there is a dearth of food and water. Amid all the chaos in Palestine, the U.S. continues to provide aid, ammunition, and weapons to Israel.

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