TV Channels Using Ramadan To Gain Higher Ratings

Veena Malik Astaghfar I had to recite astaghfar when I heard of one actress’ upcoming Ramadan show. However, I was glad when I heard that it was cancelled due to an uproar. It was surprising that some people actually wanted the show to start (beghairat brigade).

I am no one to judge another person’s intentions, and maybe someone might really be willing to change, but the reality is that if someone wants to do astaghfar I am sure they can do so sitting at home, instead of on some TV channel.

We all know about one so-called alim show which turned out to be a disgrace, and now one actress’ foiled attempt at starting her own show (which made the unknown TV channel famous overnight – no surprises there).

What exactly are Ramadan shows? Are they trying to make others religious, or is it just a money making scheme? And are the viewers trying to watch these shows to learn, or simply to pass time. If we are serious about learning, then we can read the chapter Fazail Ramadan from the famous book Fazail A’amaal.

On TV everyone is busy preaching, reciting naats, live broadcast of prayers, aftari recipes, people with little knowledge on Islam answering questions, ‘scholars’ with huge fan followings, advertisers being made to pay twice as much to these channels during Ramadan, etc.

Is this really about Ramadan, or a race to get ahead of others and gain higher TV ratings?

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