I Am Not Malala

i am malala

Lask week, Malala Yousafzai delivered a speech in Liverpool and Muslims applauded, failing to realize that the U.S. has not provided Malala with a platform so that she can spread awareness and improve girls education, since the U.S. has absolutely no interest in the social and economical progress of the Islamic world. On the contrary, since decades, the U.S. has occupied one Muslim land or the other, killed Muslims, and yet Muslims applaud when Malala speaks, clearly knowing that she is funded and supported by the U.S., fulfilling their agenda.

While the world cries ‘I am Malala,’ I certainly do not. I am not Malala. I can never be. Under the guise of the promotion of girls education, clearly a propaganda, the U.S. wants to further its own agenda. When I see the dead bodies of innocent Malalas in Palestine, I wonder why I should join the crowd that reveres Malala. When I witness the bodies of Iraqi children who were forced to starve to death, I asked myself the same question. When I see the mutilated bodies of children in Afghanistan, the question is no different.

I do not have a grudge against Malala, and I definitely do not judge her. Her platform has not been given to her by her family and she certainly has not done it on her own. The platform has been provided by the very same people who lust for Muslim blood. It is a cleverly planned and strategic. This is evident in the fact that the first spectators of Malala’s speeches and public appearances are Muslims.

I am ill at ease to understand what exactly is so difficult in comprehending that the U.S. is the biggest terrorist, which has caused mayhem, death, and destruction in the Islamic world since decades. The question begs to be answered. With what stretch of imagination do we sympathize with Malala’s ’cause,’ which is not even her own. Do we really think that the U.S. is out there to improve girls education in the third world?

The U.S. has killed people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Pakistan, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Panama, Chechnya, Bosnia, and it has been wiped out from our memories. Millions of Muslims have been killed, raped, and maimed in various counties and no one raises an eyebrow. While we cheer Malala, we forget the murder and mayhem caused by the same U.S. which backs and supports Malala, and remain busy applauding.

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